Wedding Flower Tips

Hello Everyone,

Wedding Season has officially begun in the shop and we are inundated with enquiries and quotes! Chatting with our couples recently has got us thinking about what top tips might help our couples when it comes to the floral side of their big day and here they are…

Colour Scheme

This is likely to be the main component when designing your Wedding Flowers. Before you can even think about discussing flower type, seasonality and styles you will need to have a basic colour scheme in mind. Are there any colours that are special to you or your partner? Is there a colour that you both associate with a special place? If the answer is no, there is plenty of inspiration out there via Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Have you seen any pictures of Wedding flowers you like, what colour are they? Have you chosen a venue yet, what colours do you think would look nice at this particular venue (you could even ask their events planner if they have any ideas)?

Another good way of deciding on colour is by choosing a colour for your Bridesmaids and Groomsman. This is an important decision, as this will set the overall theme of your Wedding and floral style will hinge around what colours you choose.

Favourite Flowers

Do you have any favourite flowers, are you flower lovers? Are there any that you want to be a main feature at your Wedding? I meet with so many couples who love Peonies, but don’t realise until they’ve booked their Wedding that they will not be available. Peonies generally have a short availability from May-June (weather dependent). Tulips, Ranunculus and Daffs generally finish in late April and begin again from January onward.

A common misconception is that nowadays all cut flowers are all year round. Whilst we can source a lot more than we used to, this does not mean they are great quality. Why is flower quality important, I hear you ask? Sourcing flowers out of season can mean their stems are weak and flimsy- most Florists prefer to use only the best quality flowers for Weddings, this ensures flowers look fresh and fabulous all day. I for one, would be horrified if my flowers didn’t last at least the day!

If you have your heart on specific flowers it is a good idea to check with a local Florist or Flower Expert when they are available and good quality. Please note that the ‘cut flower season’ can be slightly different to what’s in your garden.


Once you’ve got a date in the diary and a colour scheme in mind, then we c

Grey and Pink Bouquet 1
Seasonal bouquet with Garden Roses

an start to discuss what flowers will be around at the time of your Wedding. As a Florist and general flower lover I would always recommend choosing flowers that are seasonal. This is because as discussed above you get the ‘best’ and most beautiful quality flowers. Writing this now, we are phasing out Spring flowers and awaiting the return of Peonies. We are starting to see the return of Larkspur, Thelaspi Bell, Antirrhinum and many other ‘Summer’ flower varieties.

There are some things that are generally available at anytime and are of good quality such as, Lilies, Freesias and certain types of Roses. To me however, there is nothing like a stunning show of seasonal fresh flowers. Choosing seasonal flowers also has a bearing on price. Not only will seasonal flowers be better quality, they will also be reasonably priced. Growers will need extra resources to force flowers when they are out of season, which pushes prices up. This brings us onto our next topic- what will it all cost?


Another hugely important thing to consider when ordering your flowers is budget. Some people allocate a budget for flowers and some people plan as they go. As with anything- you get what you pay for. The business of preparing and setting up Wedding Flowers is not cheap. Not only are they costly to buy, they take a huge amount of time and care from a skilled, experienced professional to organise.

Most Florists tend to be local independent businesses, meaning quotes are often based around the costs and overheads of each individual shop, as well as experience.  It is always worth asking for a break down or explanation of their pricing. Personally, I am always happy to explain my pricing to couples, as I believe it is important that they go away with an honest and detailed quote. We usually ask for some kind of deposit- this is to cover their time and expertise when designing your Wedding Flowers. Some Florists will have prepared a contract for your Wedding flowers, read it carefully and make sure you understand your part of the agreement.

Your Florist should be happy to discuss all your options with you. This means providing you with options for scaling up or down if you need to. Please note some Florists do have a minimum spend- this can apply if your Florist works from home or a workshop, where they are likely to be left with extra flowers they cannot account for.


Do you trust the person or team organising your flowers? When organising a couple’s flowers there always has to be mutual understanding between all parties. I would urge any couple to listen to the advise and expertise of their local Florist. Most professional Florists will have your best interests at heart and will only want to make your special day more magical. Experienced Florists will know their local venues and if not make an effort to take measurements and do site visits where needed. This is why I would strongly advise couples choose a Florist that they trust and respect. If you have a major difference of opinion or disagreement, it is best to keep looking until you find someone you gel with. A bad relationship with any Wedding supplier could ultimately lead to a misunderstanding and you could end up feeling disappointed. Normally choosing your suppliers is a natural process. In my experience couples and suppliers gravitate towards those they are passionate working with. Go with your instincts and you will find your perfect match!

If you have any further questions on Wedding Flowers our qualified and highly experienced Team at Flowers and Such would be happy to help you.

L x


Follow the link below for more of our own Wedding Flower Photos…



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