Hello Everyone,

This a slightly different post to the norm! We have had an absolutely hectic end to the Wedding Season- finishing with an unexpected Wedding at St. James’ Palace in London! I am still waiting on photos from several Weddings from the Summer, so in the meantime- here is a little post about Halloween in the Flower Shop!

Over the years, Halloween has become an increasingly popular event in our Calendar. Year on year there is steadily more demand for Halloween themed floral arrangements. I absolutely love this time of year due to the array of different ‘textures’ and rich colours available. It gives us endless opportunity to use our creative talents to create themed prezzies and corporate contract flowers.

An easy way of ‘spooking out’ your flowers is by using spiky foliage such as Grevilia and twigs like Willow, which give your flowers are more interesting quirking looking form. You can also get hold of dyed black, red and orange foliage. I am not generally a fan of dyed flowers, but I think we can agree that Halloween is not about things looking normal or ‘natural’ necessarily!

Another increasingly popular trend is filling pumpkins and gourds with flowers. This is a more ‘glam’ alternative to pumpkin carving – with many Florists running their own pumpkin workshops (proving to be a huge success). This is always something we have indulged in at the shop and always sparks the interest of our customers, drawing much curiosity.

Looking back on the last month, I have picked a couple of our Halloween favourites for you to enjoy!


I don’t think it’ll be long until we see Halloween costumes adorned with floral embroidery- maybe something to experiment with next year.

Well… I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween Festivities this year- we had an absolute blast letting our imagination run wild creating your themed floral pieces! I can’t wait to see what creepiness we can come up with next year!

Be sure to tune in again soon for more floral tales …

L x

P.s I hope to have more photos from Wedding Season for you!!!


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