Prom Flowers

Table Centre Pieces

Hello Everyone,

Today I received some lovely pictures of the flowers we did for Millais and Forest Schools’ Prom in July. I know this isn’t my usual post, but thought you might enjoy anyway!

It was my pleasure last year, to be asked to do the table decorations and pedestal arrangement for our old school Millais in Horsham, West Sussex. Last year’s theme was oranges, yellows and golds. This year’s theme (designed around the invitations) was pink and mauve. The school gave me creative license within the budget to make something suitable on a tall glass flute vase (supplied by us), to be used as table centres.

When designing these I had a relatively small budget compared with most Weddings and events- baring in mind there were 43 tables in total, which probably comes out of money the school has allocated. My challenge was to create something of a reasonable size, in keeping with the colour scheme that would be suitable for a Prom environment. As I always preach, whenever on a tighter budget stick to using seasonal flowers. This also meant waiting a little later than usual to order my flowers. It had it’s advantages, because I could make sure I got everything in lovely and fresh, at a fantastic price.

Another thing we had to factor in when making these was the weather. As with all Summer events, us Florists are always keeping a close eye on the weather. This week was particularly hot, 29 degrees plus if I remember correctly! Perfect Prom weather you’d think- yes, but not for flowers! We now had 43 table arrangements plus pedestal to make and keep fresh and beautiful until Friday night! When checking the auctions this partly swayed my decision to get some pink tinted Gypsophilla, as I knew this would last. I also decided to buy some pale pink Santini, another good lasting flower, dainty and not too expensive. This meant we could get a good even coverage on our arrangements. I then ordered to some lilac September, which gave us a little depth of colour to tie in with the invitations and added a ‘Summer Meadow’ element to the flowers. This was also good for coverage as you can cut down and use the whole stem of the flower. We finished off with some gorgeous ‘Hot Lips’ cerise and white Lisianthus. Given a bigger budget you could use Spray Roses or Roses as your focal flower. We thought these Lisianthus were just as nice and meant we could distribute our flowers more evenly across the arrangements.

We used Soft Ruscus to green with, this provided a nice dark green background for the pale pink and lilac flowers, as well as enabled us to trail the foliage down the vase slightly. Due to the quantity of arrangements we soaked and greened our arrangements a little earlier than usual. This is absolutely fine to do on any big job, as long as you ensure the oasis is thoroughly soaked through and your foliage is nice and fresh and a long-lasting variety. This also meant us re-watering, misting and making sure arrangements were kept cool until delivery.

The last thing I made was the pedestal on the morning of the Prom. With a bigger budget for this, it gave me room to add a bit more of a ‘wow factor’. I got some beautiful pink Roses, purple Scabious, pink Antirrhinums, Monada and other bits and pieces that were in keeping with the tables. I greened with soft Ruscus. This really helped me to get a lovely tall and wide shape. The pedestal was set up in the foyer and was the first arrangement that greeted the guests, so it needed to be special!

We set up mid to late afternoon on the Friday, of course the weather was scorching! We ensured to re-water, check and spray each arrangement before it was packed into the van. Several trips with both vases and flowers were made. Upon arrival the Pedestal was set up on it’s stand (hired by us), vases filled and arrangements placed on tables. We filled the vases with water to weight them to the table, we didn’t want them falling or moving during the event!

Overall a very successful event, we felt all the flowers looked summery and fresh on the tables. We look forward to many more years to come doing this event, I am very proud to be providing a service for my old school- who in many ways I have to thank for my current position. It also says a lot that they are supporting two of their past pupils, long after they have left!!!

Next time I post, I hope to have some more beautiful Wedding pics for you! Until then…

L x

Photo Credits:- Nik Bartrum of Great Event Photography

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